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Health Coaching with Maria:
"You have within you everything you need, and together we will discover it."

Embrace Health, Embrace Life: Your Wellness Journey Starts Here!

A few words about me...

Health & Lifestyle Medicine Coach

I am a Certified Professional Coach - CPC) and Lifestyle Medicine Coach. I have completed my training through the International Coach Academy - ICA whose program is certified by (the International Coaching Federation - ICF ) and the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization ELMO In addition, I collaborate with BetterUp, a leader in professional coaching, which has equipped me with the latest wellness coaching practices. I have an unwavering desire to support people in living their lives to the fullest of their potential. I love people and genuinely care.


where I can support you

smoking cessation

weight loss

emotional regulation

stress managment

Healthy Diet

let's stay healthy

Due to the pandemic and working from home, I completely lost track of my routines. I spent most days at home behind my computer, working 12 hours a day, and I didn't have the energy or motivation to do anything else. I no longer recognized myself, not to mention the extra weight I gained!

Maria helped me regain my energy. Now I have a new daily routine that allows me to have a balanced life. I started doing Pilates again, I started running for the first time, and of course, I lost all the extra weight.

Maria's guidance was the best gift I could give to myself - I just needed someone to help me and motivate me. Thank you, Maria

Hellen P.

My doctor advised me to change my lifestyle as my current habits were responsible for my health problems. I started sessions with Maria, and she was exceptional! An outstanding health coach with a great ability to encourage and guide plans and goals for my personal development and well-being. The result is a total physical, mental, and spiritual transformation and overall wellness. I wouldn't be in the happy position I am right now without Maria

Panagiotis K.

I wanted to become a healthier person, but I didn't know where to start on my own. I knew I needed external motivation to take steps towards changing my life. Maria helped me create my own vision for my personal health and find a way to achieve my goals by making realistic, manageable changes. Maria's knowledge and encouragement were crucial and helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle. My eating habits have become more mindful, and my weight and mood have improved! I have better quality sleep, and I exercise regularly. My time with Maria was the catalyst for a more positive self-image, and over time, tremendous changes were achieved. I never felt overwhelmed or wanted to give up. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sophia T.


How to start

01 Make the first step

Start now with a complimentary 30-minute online introductory session that I offer you by completing the contact form below. Let's talk, get to know each other, and change your life forever!

02 Decide

You are always in control!

You can decide if our relationship is working for you and if coaching can help you move forward.

03 Take action

I will support you to take action and reap tremendous benefits - not only for yourself but for everyone who is important to you.

Therapy Session
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