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What is Health Coaching

The Health Coach serves as your dedicated partner, working closely with you to implement lifestyle changes that enhance your physical well-being. They provide valuable guidance and support, enabling you to enjoy a high quality of life throughout your golden years. Together, you will establish meaningful goals and develop actionable strategies to accomplish them.

Health Coaching & and a healthy lifestyle

  People tend to hire Health Coaches to assist them with a wide range of health issues, such as weight loss, stress reduction, chronic condition management, improving diet and exercise, quitting smoking, or adapting to a life-changing health event like a heart attack.

  As a Health Coach, I will be your personal collaborator. I will help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical health and enhance your quality of life well into old age. Together, we will establish goals and find ways to achieve them.

  The most common obstacle individuals face is their own thoughts, both about themselves and about change. Through mobilization techniques and targeted questions, I will assist you in examining some of your thoughts and uncovering what hinders you from embracing the changes you desire.

  Instead of telling you, like a doctor would, "You must lose weight," I might ask:

  "How would your life be different if you lost weight?"
  "How important is this change to you?"

  I won't dictate what you should do. The concept, proven effective in numerous research studies, suggests that individuals who change for their own reasons, on their own terms, are much more likely to succeed compared to being told what to do—a less motivating approach that often instills resistance to change.

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How to chose a Health Coach

How a Health Coaching session can help you

When seeking a health coach, prioritize individuals who hold certification from reputable organizations such as the (international coach federation ICF) or other recognized professional bodies. This certification serves as a testament to their expertise and assures you of their qualifications and competency in the field.

Setting and achieving health goals can be a formidable task, but with a certified health coach by your side, you can surmount obstacles with greater ease. By embracing a healthier lifestyle, you can positively transform various aspects of your life. With enhanced energy and motivation, you will be empowered to accomplish more, support your loved ones, and embrace a life brimming with fulfillment and vitality.

Often, someone may leave a doctor's office feeling discouraged or disappointed, having negative thoughts like, "Oh my God, I have to lose all this weight," or "Now I have all these things I need to do."

Through our coaching sessions, you will discover the strengths within you that you can utilize to initiate changes. I will help you recognize your possibilities based on your unique circumstances and abilities, making it easier for you to make sustainable changes.

You will uncover the "why" behind the desired behavioral change.

I will address you as an expert on your own body, mind, and life. In coaching, we believe that individuals are whole beings and possess all the powers needed to achieve their goals.

I will assist you in identifying the challenges and blind spots that hinder change.

You will receive unconditional support with a non-judgemental attitude. This will allow you to reach your own conclusions about what works and what doesn't in achieving your goals.

I will generously share my extensive knowledge of health and well-being to help you address a variety of health issues.

Positive psychology is the cornerstone of coaching. While traditional psychology focuses on what is "wrong" with individuals and what needs to be "fixed," the coaching philosophy centers around what you already have, what you are capable of, and what will work best for you.

This means that instead of dwelling on problems for resolution, I will work with you to harness your strengths to improve those behaviors that contribute to your well-being.

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