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What is Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases caused by lifestyle factors. These factors include poor diet, physical inactivity, chronic stress, lack of quality sleep, social disconnection, and self-destructive behaviors such as tobacco or alcohol use.

Is Lifestyle Medicine a different practice from conventional medicine?

No, Lifestyle Medicine is actually the foundation of conventional medicine. Guidelines for lifestyle-related chronic diseases support Lifestyle Medicine as the first-line treatment before medications.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, and strokes are linked to conditions rooted in unhealthy lifestyle choices. Lifestyle Medicine addresses the underlying causes by primarily focusing on lifestyle choices that contribute to these diseases, rather than treating the symptoms, which are often managed with increasing amounts of medication and interventions.

When Lifestyle Medicine is implemented, it can prevent, treat, and even reverse these conditions.

The 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

A multidisciplinary approach.

To be effective in addressing the problem of chronic disease, lifestyle medicine requires a multidisciplinary approach, clinicians, health coaches, nutritionists and fitness instructors need to work together to achieve change and transition to a new healthier lifestyle.


Supporting individuals to make positive behavioral changes.

The Lifestyle Medicine approach seeks to support individuals to make positive behavioral changes. He does not accuse or lecture people. It supports people who want to change their lives to have a better everyday life, because according to the World Health Organization, "health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or disability"

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